The great Indian epic, the Ramayana written by Maharishi Valmiki talks extensively about Lord Rama & his consort Maa Sita. Valmikiji very delicately defined the noble character of Maa Sita, her sincerity, devotion & sacrifice which made her an ideal woman. Her steadfastness to her beliefs was remarkable even though her life was full of pathos, agony and suffering. It was at Sita Marhi where she descended into the lap of Mother Earth.

Social Project


    Village Development Programme for three villages falling within a radius of 5 km from Shree Sita Samahit Sthal.

With the experience and interaction with the parents and their wards, Shri S. N. P. Punj came across the real fate of the people of the area and realized that development in the social and economic life of the people is the need of the hour and it should be done with no restraints. An idea of Village Development Programme generated in his mind. Framework with systematic thinking and planning has been worked out to develop the villages falling within 5 km radius by adopting one village every year and convert it into a "Model Village" where every young and old would feel the shine of 21st Century.

The Village Development Programme (VDP) will centre on a Five Point Programme to implement it and achieve the desired goals.

The Five Points are :
1. Education for all
Literacy Drive (Adult Education) : Male and Female Centres. Every member of the village community between the age of 14 - 60 years has to be literate.
Schooling (Elementary Education) : Every child between the age of 4 - 14 will be a school going child and will study upto upper Primary level. NO DROP OUT.
Aanganwari (Child Care Centre) : Every child between 2 1/2 - 4 years of age will be enrolled with the Aanganwari. Nutrition, Vaccination, pre-school education and proper rearing up and growth shall be looked after.
Target: : 100% literacy. No one will remain illetrate between the age group of 6 - 60 years.
2. Health, Hygiene, Sanitation:-
Medical Facilities & Health Care - Provision for a hospital.
Mobile Dispensary - to serve the people at their doors.
Yearly Health Check up for every member of the village community.
Eye Camps - vision for all.
Population & Family Welfare.
  (vi) Sulabh Sauchalaya & Pure Drinking Water.
Multi-purpose Community Centre
Women Work Centre : Training in Cutting, Tailoring and Stitching, Embroidery.
Plantation : Trees to exceed the number of adult members of the community.
Social Awareness & Awakening to educate the community to fight against social evils, early marriage, dowry, gender bias and girl education.
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