The great Indian epic, the Ramayana written by Maharishi Valmiki talks extensively about Lord Rama & his consort Maa Sita. Valmikiji very delicately defined the noble character of Maa Sita, her sincerity, devotion & sacrifice which made her an ideal woman. Her steadfastness to her beliefs was remarkable even though her life was full of pathos, agony and suffering. It was at Sita Marhi where she descended into the lap of Mother Earth.
Swami Jitendranand Tirth (19-10-1926 - 16-10-1998)


     Born in a Brahmin family of Rawalpindi (Pakistan), he took Sanyas in 1982. He lived at Attri Ashram on the bank of Ganges at Rishikesh and devoted most of his time in the study of religious scriptures, meditation, yog and learning Sanskrit. In December 1991, he left Ashram in the discovery of God and self-realization. He reached SITAMARHI in February 1992, covering arduous and rigorous journey of about 900 Kilometers on foot from RISHIKESH along the bank of Ganges.

     Mystique influence of the place made him stay there and he initiated efforts to build the temple. For its construction, he approached all his near and dear ones for the donations and financial help.

     It was only when he came in contact with SHRI SATYA NARAIN PRAKASH PUNJ of M/S PUNJ LLOYD LIMITED who helped him to accomplish his mission that a temple could be built.

     Besides the temple, Swamiji launched many other schemes for the removal of illiteracy, upliftment of backwardness of the people of the area and also for providing medical aid to the needy and poor which are very much part of the ongoing projects.

     Swamiji being a wandering monk had decided to leave Sitamarhi after having accomplished his mission. But it seems, it was not to the liking of DEVI SITA who never wanted him to leave. On 16th October 1998, Swamiji left his wordly cloak forever. However, his mortal remains are buried over which his Samadhi has been made to perpetuate his memory.

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